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into the year 2013 and we will keep you up-to-date. not a lot to look at their in athens but we will show you the scene in capital across the next few hours on bbc. there is still a lot of work going on on capitol hill. president obama said a deal is in sight to stop america going over the so-called fiscal cliff. congress officials have said the house of representatives will not vote before midnight despite tense negotiations to get an agreement signed before midnight washington time. that will trigger a series of automatic spending cuts and tax hikes and could send the country back into recession. >> of america is staring into the economic unknown. there will be some real damage. there are some people deserving far better and we will be scrambling to find budget reductions in we can understand. >> we are upon the fiscal cliff. will we need to focus on is how we find that common ground. ira by -- i believe republicans and democrats alike want to put us on the course to fiscal discipline. >> we are running at a time. americans are threatened with a tax hike in just few hours. i hope we can kee
to pray for moslems in athens. and a quite at hollywood that revolution, making big returns to the silver screen. >>> breaking news coming to us from singapore. in the past few minutes, it was just announced that the indian woman who was gang raped in delhi earlier this month that has caused national average has died. she was being treated at a hospital in singapore where she was on life-support. in india, her brutal attack triggered nationwide protests. the authorities struggling to contain the growing anger. we have received a statement from a doctor, the chief executive of the hospital where she was being looked after. "we are very sad to report the patient passed away peacefully at 4: 40 5:00 a.m. today singapore time. her family and officials from the high commission of india were at her side. we join her family in mourning her loss. the patient had remained in extremely critical condition since admission to hospital from the morning of december 27. despite all efforts by a team of eight specialists in the hospital to keep per staple, her condition continued to deteriorate over the p
. >> thanks for joining us. another moment of truth for athens -- when greece finds out weather its author -- offer to repurchase debt from private investors has paid off. that will help trigger the release of more rescue funds that greece so desperately needs to stay afloat. >> athens has offered to pay 10 billion euros to holders of its sovereign debt at a buyback value of up to 40 cents per euro. to be successful, the sale has to cut a greek national debt by 20 billion euros. news from athens made investors nervous this friday. our correspondence sent us this report from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> the suspense on the stock trading floor that weather or not the creditors of greece would take part in the debt buyback was too much for many investors. they decided to take some of the book's profits and sell shares. shares of deutsche telekom were the biggest dax losers. in order to invest money into new technologies such as broadband networks, they decided to cut the dividend for investors. now, many people here fear that this is something that more companies might do also next year,
to enter the country, many of them muslims. athens remains the only eu capital without unofficial moscow. now there are plans to build one next year. will the bankrupt companies -- will the bankrupt country have trouble delivering? >> underground, crowded, a legal, the place of worship for muslims and athens. dozens of these poor rooms serve be a huge community. -- dozens of these prior rooms serve out a huge community. >> we respect all religions, but they did not have the respect of our muslims to provide as a regular, legal mosque for our workshop. >> the shadow of a now distant past. no mosques have been built in athens since christian greece gained independence in 1832, the omi e.u. capital without. but could that change? this was the site chosen for the first mosque. but previous promises have come to nothing in there is a financial crisis. >> there was a fear in the greek society about the construction of a mosque. we must overcome these fears. it is the commitment of the greek state about the construction and commitment. >> there is still resistance. well over 90% of greeks are o
the 42- kilometer distance to athens with news of the victory. at the local museum, the marathon's legacy is omnipresent. more modern-day hellenistic heroes have also been demoralize here. for instance, marathon runner who won the first olympic marathon in 1896. >> exactly like the car which they gave to the winner. >> at the eight-kilometer mark, there are remnants. the last gi's withdrew here in the 1890's. and-american sentiment has a long tradition in greece, and the country's entry into nato was not without controversy, but today, the deputy mayor remembers the advantages to having a foreign military presence here. many young people had jobs at the military base. many americans lived outside and vented flats' in town here. sometimes there were even weddings, and some of our young women ended up going to america. >> at the 11-kilometer mark, we find the vineyard of spiro scarlatina is, who says that this kind of grave was being made here as far back as the battle against the persians, but even a victorious past like that is of little avail to the winegrower -- this kind of grape. >> w
to provide food and shelter. he has just arrived from aleppo with a vague plan to find his brother in athens. >> our live was assured in syria. we cannot stay in syria. there were bombs attacking the houses. we cannot stay in syria. >> this is where many people cross over to the greek island from turkey. it is seen in the distance behind me. it is not far away, but the journey is dangerous. the boats used are often in battered conditions and at this time of year, the seas can be very rough. not everyone makes it across. more than 20 drowned from this group and here is the only survivor who was finished half dead out of the sea by the greek coastguard. they're now trying to call friends and family to tell them he is alive. he is receiving counseling, but he seems very confused about what to do next. meanwhile, more and more syrians are arriving in athens who know no one in this city and to speak. greek. he ran away from the government army. >> every day, like yesterday and tomorrow, i just wait and speak on the internet with my close friends just in case i hear news from the fall. >> there ar
of looking at the ongoing economic crisis in greece. jeffrey brown was in athens recently and talked to two poets about hard times now and in the nation's past. >> brown: so sometimes you're out with the kids and a h demonstration starts up? >> we have friends in the center, and we've had play dates where we've had to figure outca when we think the riot is going to start.ek >> brown: an american poet in athens, alicia stallings, moved here 13 years ago with her greek husband.ha >> i think you have your sock inside out. >> brown: they now have two young children, and have watched the nation go from the euphoriaa of the entry into the euro andan the hosting of the olypmic games to the despair of an ongoing financial crisis that's having severe economic and social consequences.t >> you see, every time you walk down the street, there'll be shops newly closed or having a sellout sale. you see more homeless people on the streets. you see more people begging-- and a different class of peoplei begging, people who had recently been sort of somewhere at the bottom of the middle class. >> brown: stall
payment of eight athens, but it is still uncertain whether it will work -- of aid to a thens, but it is still uncertain whether it will work. >> german finance minister wolfgang schaeuble and his french counterpart, pierre moscovici, went in front of parliament. >> things have to move fast. there is no reason to worry. the calculations are realistic. i hope it works. >> there is no plan b. >> the finance ministers brushoff warnings that the programs might not reduce greek debt enough. spain has formally asked for almost 40 billion euros in aid for its troubled banking sector. >> a strong indication that we have been successful in stabilizing the eurozone. spain now leads -- need less than originally assumed. the situation has improved. >> another trouble spot is cyprus. the country needs a bailout of between 10 billion euros and 17 billion euros. officials are waiting for our report on the island's banks. >> we now turn to our brussels correspondent. can you give us more details on how the buyback plan came about? >> the buyback program is supposed to help greece reduce its d
up on thursday for athens -- >> the 50 billion euros were freed up on thursday for athens. >> there are some who believe it is nothing more than a band-aid. >> emotions spilled over as workers tried to storm a meeting between greek and german officials today are angry over layoffs that are part of broad austerity measures. greeks see the reason to believe next year will be any better. >> they may receive the tranche, but it would be spent in a few months. we will soon be asking for more money. i don't see how that will help the economy. >> one minister remains hopeful, consulting with his counterparts on how to get the economy back on its feet. >> we want to work together to organize a support fund to promote economic growth in greece. >> but that would require attracting private investors. to do that, greece must first settle it unpaid bills. >> of the 9 billion euros that greece still owes, we will pay back everything by 2013 in accordance with the troika deal. >> so, for now, greeks can breathe easier. eurozone finance ministers approved another round of bailout funds s
just arrived from aleppo with a vague plan to find his brothner athens. >> our life is destroyed in syria. we cannot stay in syria. the war airplanes float in the sky and bombing the houses, we cannot stay in syria. >> the turkish mainland is not far behind me. it's not far away but the journey is very dangerous. the boats supplied by people smugglers are often old and in bad condition, and at this time be year the seas could be very rough. not everyone makes it across. these were afghanis. more than 20 drowned. here is the only survivor, who was fished half-dead and freezing cold out of the sea by greek coast guards. now trying to call friends and family to tell them he's alive. but there is no answer. he's receiving counseling, but he seems very confused about what to do next. meanwhile, more and more syrians are arriving in agent tens, like adil, who knows almost nobody in this city and speaks no greek. he says he ran away from the government army. >> every day, like yesterday and tomorrow, all i do is wake, sleep, and speak on the internet with my close friends just in case i
to the hospital. just before 1:00 firefighters responded to athens street in the excelsior district. they found a two story structure fully ingolfed in flame it took over an hour to -- knock down, firefighters were alerted by a neighbor. meth lab was on fire, but no evidence of any meth labor was amy hollyfield will have a live report in the next half hour. >>> in petaluma investigators trying to determine the cause of a fire that forced a family to evacuate. flames erupted into the garage and quickly spread to the main part of the house the fire damaged a bedroom, firefighters put the fire out in 45 minutes no one hurt. >>> dozens of tenants in san jose not back in their homes after a heartbreaking deadly fire over the weekend. investigators are searching for the cause. sue thompson is live at the scene on bridgeport court. >> reporter: good morning. investigators will be back out here later today to try and determine or at least work towards what caused this fatal fire over the weekend. some residents tell abc7 news that the fire alarm never went off. that fatal fire tore through an upper apa
of athens street. four people inside at the time. the man that lives next door is grateful this morning his family made it out safely. >> the neighbor came knocking on my door and when i opened up it was nothing but smoke. my wife was upstairs and ran down with my son. and we just ran outside. the house was on flames pretty bad. >> reporter: sot home is a total loss. again two people were taken to the hospital. the battalion chief didn't have an update on their condition. we do believe an arson investigator has been called out to try to pinpoint an exact cause for this fire. but again they are trying figure out why that gas line ruptured and burst into flames. a pg&e representative told me they do not believe this was a faulty gas line. they do not believe the gas line itself is what caus caused -- what caused the fire inside the home. the fire inside the home caused the fire to come out of the gas line. so obviously more investigative work for pg&e to do and the fire department to do as well. live this morning in san francisco alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >>> it is 5:03. firefighters
:00 this morning on the 100 block of athens street. four people were inside the home at the time. two people were sent to the hospital with possible smoke inhalation. the man that lives next door told me after the fire broke out someone came in telling him to get out. >> grateful. it was pretty smoky downstairs when they woke me up. luckily the neighbors right here came knocking really hard to get us up. because you know i was caught in a fire before and i almost didn't make it because of the smoke. so i am very grateful. >> reporter: the home that caught fire this morning was heavily damaged and the fire department says it's going to be a total loss. pg&e crews meantime are out here for much of the morning. they had to dig up the roads so they could access the main gas shut off. they are now just finishing up their repair work. they should be wrapped up here soon. battalion chief told me the cause of the fire does remain a little bit unclear but they have called in an arson investigator to try to pinpoint exactly how this large fire started. live in san francisco alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news
: what austerity measures look like at street level: we have a report from athens. >> by the end of 2013 greece would have a worse depression than the great depression in the u.s. >> brown: a player in campaign politics, but what of the current debt debate? we talk with tea party ally, matt kibbe. >> warner: and as e.p.a. chief lisa jackson steps down, we assess the track record of the administration's environmental agency. >> brown: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> warner: five days and counting with plenty of tit-for- tat charges, but no agreement in sight. that,
of this fire. it started around 1:00 this morning at a home near athens and peru avenue. it quickly escalated and firefighters say they had to work fast to keep it from spreading. >> when we got here, the entire house was on fire. we were able to contain that and control it but the gas line also ruptured on us at the shutoff. so we were unable to shut it off. we had to call pg&e who brought in heavy equipment. >> reporter: pg&e crews are out here because of the gas rupture that the firefighter was talking about. it broke at the gas stop where firefighters normally turn it off so they had to call in pg&e to shut it off. back out here live at the scene, we understand that arson investigators and building inspectors are doing a preliminary investigation and again, the full blown investigation will continue whether or not that grow operation is confirmed or not. at this point when i asked the firefighter, he said it's all going to be -- it's base -- basically it's all under investigation at this point. reporting love in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> all right, cate, thank you. >>> no wo
's playing out at street level. i had a chance to see for myself recently on a reporting trip to athens. for nearly two decades, stelios karagilanis, a father of two, headed a family-owned construction company. today, his business closed, he is forced to accept free medical care and food from an aid clinic. >> ( translated ): we never imagined it. we were never wanting for work and we had a very dignified lifestyle. >> brown: is it hard to have to come here? >> ( translated ): it is very, we are not used to this way of life. >> brown: karaglilanis and others we met in athens recently put faces to grim statistics: a stunning 26% unemployment rate. 58% for young people like george georgopoulos, a college graduate who's decided he must leave the country for now. >> i hope to move abroad for a master's degree. it was my dream. but now i have to do it. >> brown: greece's economy is entering its sixth year of recession and has shrunk by a fifth in just the last three years. paralyzing businessmen like shipbuilder vassilis halkitis, who had to lay off half his workers. >> ( translated ): we're
in 1944 and started dive-bombing the streets of athen and killing'm residents who fought against the nazis and that's never pointed out. look at what stalin did in poland. he broke this and that. i don't believe he broke yalta. look what the british did. no one ever points to that. and then what we did in greece in 19 -- in the cold war period, the early cold war period in the truman doctrine, we had american advisers in early vietnam, were already over in grease. >> -- over in greece. >> i'm jumping ahead. the british go back the mediterranean get iran back, a conflict in iran in 1945. and beyond that, india is crucial. the jewel of the empire. we show that in the masks, and he gets the far east. its the richest resource in the world. along with britain. not us. and that becomes -- that is a key plot. so, you think from a u.s.-soviet relations. >> three parts cold war in the beginning. most americans have no idea. and had no idea what role the british were playing, but roosevelt did, and roosevelt was very, very critical of the british empire, as was his vice president from '41 to '4 5
own and that the markets accept greece as a creditor. >> athens still has a long way to go before that happens. german lawmakers acknowledge the sacrifices greeks have already made and understand the ongoing protests. the necessary measures are hitting a lot of people hard. the new bailout package is worth 44 billion euros. germany will bear 730 million of that in the coming year. the opposition accuses the government of misleading the public about the true cost of helping greece. they say it will be necessary to restructure the debt. >> everyone knows that greece is bankrupt and that it cannot service such huge debt, and everyone knows that nothing will change in the long term and that the situation will only get worse with every year and every austerity package, and that is why the debt will have to be written off eventually, and that is going to be very expensive for germany. >> the opposition says a debt write off will have to happen, and say the finance minister is not coming clean about the cost to taxpayers. >> in washington, budgets have stalled again just months before wh
, a bomb has exploded in an athens suburb. no one was hurt, but the explosion damaged adjacent businesses. some have called for banning the anti-immigrant party whose popularity has surged during the greek debt crisis. >> in belfast, protesters have clashed with police over plans to remove britain oppose the union jack flag from city hall. hundreds of protestant demonstrators attempted to storm the building after the majority catholic city voted to take it down. 15 police officers were injured. and these are testing times for a new push by the european union to reconcile serbia and its former southern province. >> although it has been almost five years since costs of a declared independence with western backing, tensions are just as high. still, there are optimists. we talk to the german commander of the nato-led peace keepers in the north of the country for more. >> our coverage begins. >> the bridge links the ethnic albanian and serve parts of the city appeared to this day, it is guarded by nato troops. on the serb side is a rebel barricade, a sign of the deep divisions between the comm
down to athens. here's your extended forecast. that an endangered albatross has laid an egg on the new breeding site. it's located about 1,000 kilometers south of tokyo. researchers carefully checked the video footage of the egg, it was spotted under the male albatross. an id tag can be seen on the leg of the male bird. the footage was captured by remote controlled cameras. they expect the egg to hatch in about two months. the pair of birds were found -- or were fed by humans, they were expected to lay eggs this year for the first time. >> i have always thought the albatro albatrosses could lay their eggs at the end of this year, we're very excited this happened. >> the bird is a government designated natural treasure. >> we will be back with more updates in 30 minutes. i'm gene otani in tokyo. from all of us here at nhk world, thanks for joining us. have a great day wherever you are.
comes as athens receives a long overdue installment of over 34 billion euros international aid on monday. lenders are concerned about growing political resistance to implement needed reforms. public-sector workers are calling for strikes on wednesday to protest. and the international monetary fund, which is also part of the troika of lenders to greece, has released 890 million euros in fresh bailout funds to ireland. the imf says the country is making good progress under its own two-year rescue program. >> ireland is proceeding with reforms to lower its deficit in spite of a slowdown in economic growth. the imf expects ireland's deficit to come under targets. in spite of calls to boost social spending in response to high unemployment. ireland's budget for next year and to reduce its deficit by about 7.5% of gdp. for more now, we go to our correspondent in frankfurt. good news for ireland -- how are investors reacting? we also have good news from across the atlantic. explain to us. this has to do of course with the fiscal cliff. >> you are completely right. there is good news driving the
, and it is committed to keeping athens in the currency. the upgrade comes after the successful creek by that program earlier this month. the former ceo of car maker porsche is facing charges of market manipulation relating to the company's attempt to buy volkswagen back in 2008. >> is accused of denying portion of's takeover plans, although the move was already under way. prosecutors say that had an impact on the share price, and investors were misled. the takeover ultimately failed, and portia was itself bought out by vw. -- porsche itself was bought out by volkswagen. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and lift off. >> on board are one american, one russian, and a canadian. it will take a crack about to be would days to reach the iss. -- it will take the craft about two days to reach the iss. vulcanologists in russia have been able to get a glimpse of a spectacular eruption in siberia. it began erupting in late november. >> huge areas of the surrounding tundra and wildlife have been destroyed by the lava stream. it is pouring out thousands of tons of law every second. the volcano last erupted in the 1970's in one
stories in the news right now. residents of athens have been battling traffic jams, long commutes. trade and transportation workers have staged a 24-hour strike in the greek capital. strikes have become frequent in greece since public spending has been cut to meet conditions for international bailout funding. >> iraq's president has arrived for medical treatment following a stroke. few details have been released about the seriousness of his condition. he is seen as a unifying force in iraq, mediating among sunnis, shia, and kurds. >> protesters in several indian cities are calling for action to stop the increasing number of violent rapes of women, following the rape and beating of a 23-year-old by six men on a bus in new delhi. doctors say the young woman is still in critical condition. >> christmas is, of course, just around the corner, and many retailers have been targeting customers, looking for that last-minute gift. and then there is this -- how about a personal shopper when you are at the airport? >> sounds good. as it turns out in frankfurt, germany, there is one, and he is especi
, up to 11. look at rome and athens, both a pair of 17s here on your thursday. now here's a look at your extended forecast. >>> we'll be back in 30 minutes with more news. i'm gene otani in tokyo. from all of us at nhk news, have a great day. thanks for joining us. have a great day wherever you are.
, such as -- >> we've gone from savannah to athens and then flew over to croatia, spent some time there. then up to split, also in croatia. then to amsterdam and back all in business class. >> total cost, just the taxes, $60 each, plus 120,000 frequent flier miles each, which sounds high, but not when you're what rick is, a frequent flier millionaire, one who wants to teach us a few tricks on how to be that millionaire also. >> does anybody in this room sign up for a credit card primarily to get a sign-up bonus? >> reporter: did you know you can get miles by the millions without ever flying? these folks are smiling because they do know that. >> the most important one to be able to say is i have never been late on a payment. >> reporter: the first method, cashing in on credit card bonuses. lots of banks now offer new credit card holders sign-up bonuses of 20,000, 40,000, sometimes 70,000 miles or points. rick teaches that people who have shaky credit who cannot pay their bills in full every month or for applying for a mortgage in the near future should not be playing this game. within the fratern
a two story structure on athens near silver. two in the home were rushed to the hospital, suffering from smoke inhalation. firefighters say looks like somebody had tried illegally tapping into a gas lane. krause had to be called to shut off a gas crews had to be called to shut off the gas main. >>> highway patrol saying watch out for black ice is being blamed for an early morning accident near orinda this was the scene from sky 7 hd. you can see a car buried in the tree, slid off the road and tumbled 60 feet. the chp says it was the second black ice accident on the road, a while later near richmond, amazingly nobody was hurt. >> black ice danger not totally gone we are still dealing with it, mike? >>> we'll show you the conditions nearly cheer skaoeurbgs a little high cloud cover come in after the temperatures had dropped, not any moisture in the air on live doppler. here are the temperatures this morning, napa 27, subfreezing 28 in santa rosa, 30 concord, fairfield and live more, 31, san jose 33, los gatos 33 even on the peninsula it was a little frosty this is the front windshield. we
to a ruptured gasline early this morning inside a two story structure on athens near silver. two in the home were rushed to the hospital, suffering from smoke inhalation. firefighters say looks like somebody had tried illegally tapping into a gas lane. krause had to be called to shut off a gas crews had to be called to shut off the gas main. >>> highway patrol saying watch out for black ice is being blamed for an early morning accident near orinda this was the scene from sky 7 hd. you can see a car buried in the tree, slid off the road and tumbled 60 feet. the chp says it was the second black ice accident on the road, a while later near richmond, amazingly nobody was hurt. >> black ice danger not totally gone we are still dealing with it, mike? >>> we'll show you the conditions nearly cheer skaoeurbgs a little high cloud cover come in after the temperatures had dropped, not any moisture in the air on live doppler. here are the temperatures this morning, napa 27, subfreezing 28 in santa rosa, 30 concord, fairfield and live more, 31, san jose 33, los gatos 33 even on the peninsula it was a li
. a two story place here on the 100 block of athens street. pg&e crews came in and were able to shut off that gas line. arson investigator is looking at what triggered this two alarm fire and why that gas line ruptured and caught fire. >> we did have a shut off for the gas that we believe gas pipe melted. due to the fact a fire coming from the front of the building. that's what we see now. >> reporter: this home is a total loss. four people were inside at the time. two of them were checked out for smoke inhalation. were taken to the hospital. the battalion chief doesn't have an update on their condition. you can see pg&e crews continuing to do repair work. again they are focused rob the gas -- on the gas line that runs to this house. at this point the investigation will have to be under taken to figure out if it was the ruptured gas line that caused thefire in the home or vice versa. live this morning in san francisco alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >>> firefighters in san jose continue to look for answers in an apartment fire that killed a couple and their young granddaughter. the fir
sent flames shooting into the air on athens street around 1:00 this morning. ktvu's alex savidge reports on why this was such a difficult fire to knock down. >> reporter: a dangerous situation for san francisco firefighters trying to control an early-morning house fire in the excelsior district. flames began shooting from a natural gas line in front of the place. a deputy chief told me the fire was essentially gas-fed at one point and crews couldn't reach the shutoff valve because it was engulled in flames. >> they had to have that free burning for a long time until pg&e could put a hole in the street and shut it off from there. we couldn't get to the shutoff area because the fire was come coming up from the sidewalk there. >> reporter: it took more than five hours for the pg&e to dig up the road. moon time, firefighters let the gas burn itself off. crews say that was the safest approach. the four people inside the burning home, all managed to escape. three were transported to the hospital with minor injuries. an aggressive attack by firefighters helped keep the flames from sprea
that was on fire. flames shot in the air on athens around 1:00 this morning. ktvu's alex savidge joins us live from the scene with video you will only see on channel 2. alex? >> reporter: well, good morning. the fire inside of that home is what triggered a second fire that came from the curbside gas valve right outside the home. that's why you see pg&e crews still doing last-minute repair work to patch up the road where they had to dig things up to access that line. that second fire coming from the gas line certainly made things difficult for firefighters this morning, as the fire ripped through both floors of the home, and flames from the natural gas line shot 15 feet in the air. the homeowners had to wait for the pg&e to turn off the gas line. this started around 1:00 on the 100 block of athens street. there were four people inside the home at the time of the fire. two of them were sent to the hospital with possible smoke inhalation. a neighbor i talked with this morning told me he feels lucky this fire didn't spread to his house next door. >> grateful, you know, it was pretty smoky downstairs wh
there towards the eastern mediterranean. your temperatures in athens 16 for your high. to start off your weekend milder in the west in london and paris. that system comes in moving warm air from the south both looking at 11 for your high on your friday. let's take a look over towards japan here first where we have this system pushing overhead. bringing rain across much of the country. seeing showers around tokyo. heavy rain showers and do not be surprised if through the overnight hours some of the higher elevations you see some flyers, snow that rain changes over to snow even in the tokyo metro area. might be a flake or two coming down the system. nothing accumulating. on saturday a break in the activity but then on sunday another system is going to be working its way out of china. first move over corre korea. then working its way into japan. seoul on saturday 3 degrees for your high. beijing at minus 4. japan is the holiday week coming up here going into your new year. let's see what it will look like. saturday cloudy skies. sunday rain moving in. at least on new year's eve here and going into
isn't it? nowhere for muslims of athens to pray. why the greek capitol still doesn't have a mosque. at least six people have been killed by a tropical storm in philippines. that was just weeks after a typhoon hit the country leaving more than a thousand people dead. torrential rain and flooding continued to hit the area the charity reports. >> another devastating tropical storm in the philippines just weeks after a deadly typhoon killed over a thousand people in the south. residents of the central eye lands are grappling with heavy rain and flooding. in another pro vens, where the tropical storm hits, doesn't remain stranded at the ferry terminal. power lines damaged. the local residents are distraught. >> oh god, please don't overwhelm us, it's one typhoon after another. one typhoon had just passed and now there's another one coming. the philippines is hit by several typhoons each year. self of -- several hundreds of thousands of people were misplaced. they have been severely damaged. officials say most people were better prepared ahead of tropical storm. but with overflowing rive
-- and they stripped four of their medals first athens olympics. they were disqualified after the doping samples came back positive. >>> today, a federal appeals court won't stop a decision to put the large images on all cigarette packages. the appeal asked for a full quarter panel to revisit the case. some of the nation's largest tobacco companies sued to block the mandate, claiming the images and stories of the smokers report true. the government argues the antismoking campaign is factual. >>> like grading your home can make the holidays merry and dangerous. each year, thousands of consumers are injured. millions of dollars in property loss reported due to fires. associateed with holiday- related products. today, the consumer product safety commission showed a live demonstration of holiday decoration-rented fires at the testing facility and shared tips. >> the advice in the cpsc. when purchasing a live tree, check for freshness. a fresh tree is green, the candles are hard to pull from the branches and the needles won't break in your hand or between your fingers. when you tap the tree on the ground,
in athens, georgia. reports say the driver of the van made a right-hand turn into the parking lot and crashed right through. the driver claims that something from her back seat rolled up front and jammed underneath her brake pedal. fortunately looks like the van didn't hit anybody. there were multiple angles of this crash and someone was hit. check out this angle. a 63-year-old customer sitting down in the bottom right-hand of your screen, as she's being helped by one of the employees, has no clue what's about to hit her right in the back. >> oh, my gosh! that didn't miss her at all. it hit her smack in the back. >> catapulted her about 15 feet. she was transported and released from the hospital. some reports say about 12 stitches to the back of her head. the window frame hit her in the back of the head if you can believe that. >> it's unbelievable she just needed stitches. that's mind blowing. >>> there's a million ways to catch a if fish but i've never seen a way like this. how about fire? this is the northern taiwan coast. an ancient method known as fire fishing. look at this.
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